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Beach Rules:

1)  Parents are responsible for their children at all times.

2)  Swim only within the marked area.

3)  Stay away from the marker buoys.

4)  No boats, canoes or motorized toys are permitted in the swim area.

5)  No glass containers on the beach.

6)  Littering is not only unsightly but is also an offence - take your rubbish home with you.

7)  No pets are allowed in the swimming area, on the beach or in the day use area.

8)  Drinking alcohol and/or smoking marijuana is not permitted on the beach as our beach is

       considered a public place and it's pretty much impossible to use "discretion" when smoking pot.


There is no lifeguard on duty at any time so swimming is at your own risk!

Bear Aware:

Experts agree that the careful management of bear attractants is the first and most important step in controlling ‘bear problems’. In fact, the term should be ‘people problems’, not ‘bear problems’, as bears are motivated by hunger, not malice.


Many of us remain sceptical as to our responsibility in attracting bears. Even after we have seen the bear in the yard or had the trash raided, we often continue to deny our personal responsibility. By the time we recognize our mistakes, it is often too late for the bear.


The following bear attractants should be managed to ensure bears don’t move into your area. Use this checklist to ensure that bears do not become human food conditioned and/or habituated due to your carelessness. This will help reduce safety concerns surrounding bear encounters and the unnecessary destruction of bears.



Store garbage in a secure place until rubbish can be taken to either the rubbish bunker or the council rubbish bins near the main boat jetty, or consider purchasing a bear-resistant household container.

Ensure bins are tightly closed.

Regularly wash all recycling items and clean the bins that contain garbage or recycling.




Do not leave garbage in the back of a truck, even if it has a canopy.

If you cannot store garbage securely, freeze smelly items and place in the bunker every evening.


                        For more information, please see the Wild Safe website

Pet Food and Feeding Your Pet

Feed your pet inside.

If pets are fed outside, ensure all food is cleaned up.

Store pet food in a secure location or in a bear-resistant bin.



Clean barbeques after use by burning off the grill entirely.

Remove and clean the grease trap after every use.

  Don't Let This Be You!

  These Days Are Gone!

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Campground and Cabin Rules:

1)    We have a 100% reservation policy so you must check in before going to your site and setting up.

2)    Payment in full is required at check in & prior to going to your site.

3)    Quiet time is between 9:00pm and 09:00am.

4)    No generators between 9:00pm and 9:00 am.

5)    Check-in 3:00pm, check-out is 11:00am.

6)    We provide either pedestal or tin ground pits.  You may bring your own  fire pit, but it must be 8 inches off of the ground.

7)    Fireworks are not permitted in Meadow Lake Provincial Park - they dangerous to the forests and they are terrifying to pets and wildlife.

8)    Do not leave any rubbish out overnight, all rubbish must be taken to the rubbish bunker every evening.

9)    No grey water disposal on to the ground.

10)  Quads and/or unlicensed vehicles are not permitted anywhere on the grounds.

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Cancellation Policies 2024:

1)   Our Cabin and Boat Cancellation Policy:

1.1)    If notified 45 days or more prior to arrival, 50% of your deposit will be refunded;

1.2)    If notified less than 45 days prior to arrival we will retain 100% of your deposit;

1.3)   21 days prior to arrival you become committed to your booking in full & authorize Northern Cross Resorts Ltd. to charge the balance of your reservation to your credit card on your scheduled arrival date (even if you are late).

2)  Our Campsite Cancellation Policy:

2.1)    If notified 21 days or more prior to arrival, 75% of your deposit will be refunded;

2.2)    If notified less than 21 days prior to arrival we will retain 100% of your deposit;

3.3)   15 days prior to arrival you become committed to your booking in full & authorize Northern Cross Resorts Ltd. to charge the balance of your reservation to your credit card on your scheduled arrival date (even if you are late).

3)  Exceptions:

3.1)   For Boat Reservations we will refund 100% of your deposit and waive all fees if  winds exceed 30km/hr or if the weather network forecasts lightning or more than 5 mm of rain throughout the day you have booked to go out on;

3.2)   If you depart early you will not receive a refund and we reserve the right to re-let the cabin, campsite or boat.

4)   Insurance:  If you are concerned about potentially having to cancel your trip or any accidents that may take place whilst on holiday, there are a number of insurers who will cover your trip for a fee:


                    CAA Sasktachewan                                   CAA Alberta                                              Travel Guard:                                          TIC Travel Insurance


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Emergency Contact and Park Numbers:

Pierceland RCMP: 1-306-839-3330 - to contact our local RCMP detachment (60 minutes from NCR);

Park Watch Number: 1-800-667-1788 - for Park Emergencies and security issues such as fires, dangerous situations, etc;

Meadow Lake Park Office: 1-306-236-7680 - for queries relating to the park such as; quads, swimming lessons, activities, etc; and

Saskatchewan Turn in Poachers Hot-line: 1-800-667-7561 - to turn in poachers, including angling violations.

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                       Cut and Split Dry Firewood is available on site for $25 per wagon load

                               (similar to the one in the photo). Pay at the store, load up one of our wagons and then take

                                the wood to your site. Please return the wagon to the firewood storage area for other peoples


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Fishing Licenses:

A few years back the Saskatchewan Government changed from a paper to an online fishing licenses system which requires stable internet service which resulted in us deciding to no longer act as an authorized Angling License Vendor.

Angling Licenses can be purchased online prior to coming to the lake by clicking on our Buy A Sask Fishing License Link or at participating vendors in Goodsoil.

A word of advice: If you buy your fishing license online the night before heading to the lake you will save yourself valuable holiday/fishing time battling with our intermittent wifi or standing in a store lineup waiting for someone to check their loto tickets.

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How to Leave Your Cabin or Campsite:

1)   When you arrive your cabin or campsite will be ready for your immediate occupation, when you leave we ask that you leave it clean and tidy:

2)  To avoid extraordinary charges:

       2.1)  Clean your dishes, put them away and wipe down surfaces - this carries a $30 charge;

       2.2)  Clean all spills from stove, fridge and cupboard - $10 charge;

       2.3)  Clean and sweep floor - $10 charge;

       2.4) Pick up all rubbish and place in the bunker -  $10 charge;

       2.5) Clean fish only in the filleting house -  there will be a $50 charge for cleaning at cabin or campsite;

       2.6) Return picnic tables and fire pits to their original locations; $20 charge;

       2.7) Check-out on time, unless otherwise agreed - $20 per hour charge.

3)  Any non-household waste such as broken lawn chairs/ awnings, barbecue and tents etc, must be taken away with you.

4)  The fire pits are provided to allow you to barbecue safely and socialize with friends around a warm fire - please treat them with respect.      Anyone found to be mistreating equipment provided may be charged for replacement.

We take pride in our environment and it is important for us that it is respected so that all may enjoy it.

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Pet Policy: (Note: All Text in Quotes are Taken Directly From the Saskatchewan Provincial Park Pet Policy)

1)    Pets are welcome but "owners are responsible for the care, control and behavior of their pets at all times";

2)    Your pet is your responsibility and you must "promptly clean up after your pets";

3)    "Keep pets on a leash (not exceeding 2 meters in length) at all times";

4)    "Keep pets quiet & ensure they do not become a nuisance, danger or threat to the comfort or safety of any other person or wildlife";

5)    "Ensure that pets do not damage or destroy any property in the park" or our property, as you will be held liable;

6)    "Pets are not allowed in public structures, on beaches or in swimming areas", which includes our store;

7)    Pets are allowed on the beach and to swim on the west (left) side of our dock;

8)    No constant barking or meowing;

9)    No pet can be left unattended in your camper, cabin or vehicle if a pet is left unattended then you risk someone breaking in

        to ensure that the animal has sufficient water & is not over heated.

10)    In our cabins there is a one time fee of $40 per pet in a fully modern cabin and $20 in our budget cabin.


"Pet regulations reduce the risk of nuisance or dangerous occurrences and help provide a safe and comfortable environment for all users", which include other guests, their pets and our wildlife.  "Failure to comply with any of these regulations could result in fines and possible removal/eviction of the pet from park lands."

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Respect Our Environment and Wildlife:

Meadow Lake Provincial Park is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including: Moose, Elk, Whitetail Deer, Black Bear, Wolves, Coyotes, Red Fox, Lynx, Fisher, Ermine, Beaver, Otter, Porcupine, as well as rare and interesting birds such as Bald Eagles, Grey Owls, Great Horned Owls, Peregrine Falcons, Turkey Vultures, Pileated Wood Peckers, Whooping Cranes, Blue Herons, Great Egrets, Pelicans, Ruffled Grouse, Snow Geese, Loons and at least 150 other species of birds. It is their home. We are just visitors, so please respect their forest - pick up your rubbish, do not tempt them into a dangerous situation by leaving out your garbage or even worse, feeding them. Yes, I have caught someone feeding a bear on their deck! AND PLEASE - NO FIREWORKS - they are terrifying to animals and you are the visitor to their home.


Almost all of the watershed west of Lac Des Iles is either inside Meadow Lake Provincial Park or inside the Primrose Air Weapons Range, and the developed land south of the park actually drains into the Beaver River. This has protected Lac Des Iles from both industrial and farm run off so her waters remain unsullied and pure. Beginning in the seventies, Saskatchewan stopped allowing campsites on the water's edge and required all water used in the Park to be hauled out. This policy has also helped protect Lac Des Iles.


The Cold River runs into Lac Des Iles and the Waterhen runs out, which aerates the lake and keeps her fish healthy and strong. The Northern Pike are unlike anything you will angle in Alberta or Saskatchewan's more southern lakes (our sons actually prefer Lac Des Iles Pike to her Walleye). These conditions help Lac Des Iles Pike reach 54 inches or 28 pounds, Walleye reach 12 pounds and her Jumbo Perch go over 2 pounds (we do encourage you to just take pictures of these big spawners rather than taking the fish itself, they don't taste that great when they're large and do a much better job creating fish for the future).


To find a lake as clean as Lac Des Iles you would need to drive a number of hours north, so please help keep it this way - everything you put into your boat bring back (garbage, bottles, etc) and dispose of it properly. Always use the septic services for both grey and black water and never put anything in the lake that you wouldn't eat or drink yourself.

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Septic Services:

If your not staying on one of our full service sites, Lac Des Iles has two local septic companies that are available to empty your septic right in your site - no need for gloves, handling hoses or even moving your camper - Big Foot Septic 306 238  7637 will handle the job for you.  You don't even have to be at your site - just come to the store, fill out one of their envelopes advising them of how many tanks you have, deposit their flat fee into the envelope ($40 in 2024) and head to the beach, golf course or onto our lake to catch that big one.

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Water Potability:

Northern Cross Resort provides water to guests from two wells which are tested twice yearly. The well that supplies water to the cabins is potable, soft and great for making coffee. The well that supplies the shower house has a higher level of nitrates due to the proximity of trees, so although it is clean it is not suitable for infant feeding. That said, our water will be different from the water that you are used to at home and therefore may initially upset your stomach, so we do recommend that you bring water for drinking and especially for infants and young children, who are especially vulnerable to any changes in water.

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Quiet Time:

 Our quiet time is from 10:00 pm to 9:00 am, so NO recorded music between these hours. Strumming a guitar and singing quietly around your campfire doesn't generally result in complaints, but not everyone likes the recorded music that you like.   Outside of our quiet time, please respect your neighbours and keep your recorded music volume to a minimum.

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The Saskatchewan Park's Act says:

(3) No person shall operate an all terrain vehicle on park land except:

       (a) in those areas that are:

              (i)   set aside by the minister for that purpose; and

              (ii) designated by traffic signs; and

       (b) in compliance with The All Terrain Vehicles Act and The Wildlife Act, 1998

We do not allow quadding in our campground.  Quadding posses a considerable risk to the general public.  Heaven forbid if you should hit someone with your quad.  They could be seriously injured or killed.  Even if you carry insurance, it is unlikely to cover a lawsuit and we would be sued as well.   If you do see someone quadding or driving an unlicensed vehicle (dirt or trail bike) on our resort report it to us immediately.  Unfortunately, many of the private cabin owners in the area choose to ignore the Park Act.


Although, we cannot and do not allow quadding on our lease, the local Pierceland Conservation Officers have been allowing "on trail" quadding behind the resort.  You cannot drive your quad to this area from any of our cabins or campsites, except one - our Alder Grove group site.  If you do wish to bring your quads, booking our Alder Grove group camp is your only option.  Park land begins immediately to the south of our group camp, so you will be  off of our lease and on Public Park Land and quadding at the discretion of  Pierceland Conservation Officers.   In any event, we do not accept any responsibility for injuries or fatalities to yourself or others and/or fines you incur while quadding in or around our resort.


If you do end up quadding in behind our resort be aware that harassing or disturbing wildlife is still against the law.  Also,the Pierceland Conservation Officer's could change their minds about quadding at anytime, especially if you choose to leave the main trails and disturb the local fawna and flora.   If your in doubt, it might be best to contact the Pierceland Conservation Office

1 306 839 6250                                         PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF OUR WILDLIFE AND FOREST.

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Consumption of Alcohol, Tobacco and Marijuana:

We want you and everyone else to enjoy their stay with us - the key is "Respect Your Neighbour":


Having a few drinks around your fire is fine, just please respect your neighbours and keep the loud language to a minimum.  Alcohol consumption is only allowed in your rv/campsite or cabin/cabin-site.  Making a public display of drinking alcohol is not permitted and against the law. We are a family friendly resort, therefore excessive consumption of alcohol resulting in loud or disrespectful behavior will result in you and your group being asked to leave.  If you are planning on having an excessive drinking/partying "stag" or "stagette", we are not the place  for you.


For 2019, due to the legalization of marijuana, we have made the decision to make all our cabins smoke free. You are more than welcome to smoke on your deck  or beside your campfire.  Getting rid of lingering tobacco smoke before the next guest was tough enough - marijuana smoke is virtually impossible to hide or eliminate due to it's oily nature.   We are still developing a policy if you make the decision to smoke in one of our cabins, including asking for a substantial credit card pre-authorized smoke damage deposit.


Although the government has banned smoking cannabis in public places, including parks, Saskatchewan's Cannabis Control Act considers a campsite a private place.  "A tent, trailer or camper, and the campsite it is located on, is considered a private place under the Act, where cannabis can be consumed.  This includes campsites in public parks, as with alcohol," a Ministry of Justice spokesperson said in an email statement to CBC News.  That being said, Northern Cross is a family resort and marijuana smokers know how the smoke and smell travels.  Smoking marijuana is not as private as having a few beer and it's not like  smoking a cigarette in your campsite - marijuana smoke travels much farther.  We are hoping that if you do decide to "light up" in your campsite that you respect your neighbours, smoke discretely in the late evening and don't light up when their are underage kids nearby.  Most campground operators are dreading the number of complaints that we will be getting this summer.