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Finding Us

We are located on the edge of Saskatchewan's Great Boreal Forest in Meadow Lake Provincial Park, so our resort is frequented by a wide variety of "real" wildlife. We may not be able to offer perfectly level uniform campsites, immaculately groomed lawns and side by side drive through easy parking sites, but we can offer you a piece of the wilderness and starry nights. Our cabins are clean and comfortable and might not be up to the standards of that chain hotel in the City, but hey you've got loons calling in the night & the forest at your door step - not pavement & neon lights.


Northern Cross Resort on Lac Des Iles is a 4 hour drive from Edmonton or Saskatoon, so a perfect rendezvous point to meet up with friends and family and we're just 200 km north of Lloydminster, so an easy weekend get away. If making that 10 hour drive from Edmonton to Saskatchewan's  Eastern Lakes like Tobin and Candle has become to0 arduous, then try Lac Des Iles.


If you click on the Google Map, the suggested directions from Edmonton and Calgary are the best routes.  If Saskatoon is your home, then we suggest coming up Highway 4 by adding Meadow Lake to your route.  Highway 26 is good up to Loon Lake, but after that well....  We're just a 200 km drive north of Lloydminster via Loon Lake, but if you're pulling a camper or boat then a better choice might be to take the 897 through Alberta. The road conditions make the extra 40 km well worth it.


Park Passes Can Be Purchased at the Entry Gate:

There is a per vehicle fee to access Saskatchewan Provincial Parks: Day $10.00; Weekly $40.00; Transferable Annual Permit $75.00

Ya Hoo!  Our New Highway is now completed!!

This is a shot of the Highway 55 between the Alberta Boarder and the Highway 26 corner south of Goodsoil. This stretch of road was under construction from 2008 to 2015, which "put off" many folks from driving their rig down this stretch of 55.  The Saskatchewan Government has upgraded the pavement to primary highway quality and safety standards, with wide shoulders for pulling over and open ditches for spotting animals.

Click on the photo to connect to Google Street View of our New Highway

Goodsoil is a quaint Saskatchewan town where you can access an ATM at the Goodsoil Credit Union, purchase fresh vegetables and frozen meats at either Martin's Store or the Goodsoil Co-op, fill up with gas or get a tire fixed at Lorne's Service, dine or get take-away at one of Goodsoil's two small town restaurants - Little Brown Jug and Goodsoil Cafe.   pickup "alcohol" at Martin's Store or Rednecks Bar and Grill, pickup that forgotten hardware item at Goodsoil Lumber Supplies or at the Goodsoil Co-op or take the kids to the local Mini-Golf.

Do-it-yourself wilderness adventures abound in and around Lac Des Iles and Meadow Lake Provincial Park.  You can get a back country camping permit from the Park and spend a night tenting at Blueberry Beach on the North East side of Lac Des Iles (fire box, food lock box and toilet are provided); go ashore and spend the day at any of the numerous secluded beaches on Lac Des Iles; or day hike on one of the many boreal forest trails scattered throughout Meadow Lake Provincial Park.  Some examples are:


1)  Hay Meadow Hiking Trail-4.8 km-1.5 hours-Moderate: "You have entered a trembling aspen forest where young white spruce shelter under the canopy.  Under story plants include beaked hazelnut, low bush cranberry, wild strawberry and early blue violets.  The trail crosses a remnant of cultivated land now grassland, and passes through wet meadows.  Look for balsam poplar, willow, tansy and yarrow.  Songbirds such as the white-throated sparrow and Wilson's warbler may be spotted or at least heard on this trail."


2)  Kimball Lake Hiking Trail to Raspberry Lake-short loop-2 km-40 min-long loop-6.5 km-2 hours-Easy: "The trailhead is located in the Kimball Lake campground between sites 68 and 101.  The trail to Little Raspberry Lake enters an area of natural regeneration of jack pine and white birch, as a result of fire in 1980.  Under story plants include blueberry, pincherry and bearberry.  On the standing snags, look for signs of the Yellow-bellied sapsucker.  Little Raspberry is stocked with lake and Cutthroat trout.  On your return from the long loop around Little Raspberry, you may return to the trailhead either along the Kimball Lake beach trail or back along the short trail."


3)  Newbranch Hiking Trail-Matheson Branch-2 km-30 minutes-Kimball Branch-6km-2 hours-Mustus/Peitahigan Branch-11km-3.5 hours: "This recently-developed trail covers varied terrain and forest ecosystems.  Part of the trail is on an esker - a long, narrow, sinuous ridge composed of gravel and sand - deposited by a stream flowing over a glacier over 20,000 years ago.  Black terns swoop for insects above the beaver-dammed stream between Peitahigan and Third Mustus lakes and there is evidence of the presence of otter, coyote, bear and moose in the area." or


4)  There is a nice undeveloped hiking trail west of the Resort that leads off into the forest that starts just behind Cabins 14 and 15.  There are two loops:  1) a shorter 2 km route that takes you west along the south shore of Lac Des Iles before it turns south and heads back to Ranger Bay Road and 2) a bit longer 6 km route that continues west along the lake from the first south turn before it again turns south to connect with Ranger Bay Road.  There are many side branches that dead end off these trails, so best to carry a gps or compass and always stay north of Ranger Bay Road and always be Bear Aware!

There are also a number of for fee activities in and around Lac Des Iles:


Northern Meadows Golf Course continues to rank with the best. Fairways are cut out of the boreal forest with wide-open landing areas over gently rolling terrain offer the perfect setting for golf.  With smooth-rolling bent grass greens & lush fairways, they offer outstanding golf.


4 Wing Cold Lake is the busiest fighter base in Canada, providing combat capable forces in support of domestic & international roles.  Home of fighter pilot training for the Canadian Forces, Top Gun crews from all over the world are attracted to their annual air combat exercise.


Imhoff Museum is located a short drive south in the quaint town of St Walburg.  Step back in time with a guided tour through the original working gallery of Count Berthold Von Imhoff, his artistically-treated home, and the surrounding grounds of his Saskatchewan homestead – all of which have been designated a provincial heritage site. One of Saskatchewan’s oldest and most unique tourist attractions, the Imhoff Gallery was built in 1920 and enlarged in 1925. The story of Berthold Von Imhoff, a man whose artistic talent earned acclaim in Europe, prestige in America, and honour by the Vatican, has been described as remarkable, awe-inspiring and, more than 70 years since the artist’s death, a Saskatchewan legacy well worth including in your travel plans.

Cold Lake Air Show

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